roadrunner: symbol of my foodie adventure

Four years ago in early 2008 my husband and I took two road trips across the American Southwest from a significant time Texas through the desert up the California coast to Washington State and through the Midwest.  We had recently returned from 11 years of life in Israel for a sabbatical year, we thought, and we followed one of our personal guidelines for traveling, as much as possible eat healthy and try to dine in independently owned ventures discovering local and international cuisine.

I began blogging about the journey via the places we visited and dined and from time to time will insert posts from the now deleted blog. The focus of Road Runner gourmet then was primarily my thoughts on the places we had found and mainly in that time period.

Now settled back into life in one place but still carrying the same enthusiasm I am renewing Road Runner gourmet as a combination of recipes I’ve created, tweaked to make my own, places and foods I’ve discovered as well as my love for great wine.