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I don’t know exactly how I created this dish, I guess I just wanted to use one of the most popular condiments here known as tahina, renamed in the West “tahini’ and make something that was using the usual flavor combinations but with a bit of a twist to make it a curry.  Tahini in its raw ground form is a paste made with sesame seeds, like natural peanut butter the oil and solid seperate. It tends to thicken the dish, use the paste not the oil. This is a quick dish that takes about 15-20 to prepare.  Serves at least 6. Wine pairing: Pairs well with a light, crisp Chardonnay or with a Gewurztraminer to balance the thickness of the tahini.

Tahini chicken curry in tagine

4 chicken breasts raw, deboned and skinned

3 garlic cloves minced

olive oil

1 large lemon

1 can of coconut milk

1 heaping tbsp. raw tahini paste

1 bunch cilantro chopped

1 1/2 tbsp. of shwarma spice mix (previous entry)

ground cumin, salt, pepper


Cut chicken into cubes or strips, stir-fry style. Saute garlic in olive oil. When garlic begins to change color add chicken and brown quickly.  Mix in Shwarma spice mix and stir mixing and covering chicken pieces.  Add heaping tablespoon of tahini paste. Add salt and black pepper to taste.  Stir to cover then add 1 can coconut milk.  Allow curry to simmer and thicken. If you like a heavier cumin flavor, as I do, add an additional 1/2 tbsp. of cumin.  As sauce is reduced and thickens add juice of large lemon. Continue simmering and before sreving mix in bunch of chopped cilantro.  Use cilantro to garnish.  Serve over cooked rice.