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the inside of my beloved Bosch after a cycle

After our recent return to live in Israel after a two year sabbatical in the US, I went dishwasherless for nearly a year. One day I took a dish out of the rack on the sink and saw the horror; my vision combined with dispassionate dishwashing resulted in undetected grossness still stuck on plates and serving pieces and utensils.

I marched out that morning to price dishwashers locally and to my dismay the least expensive dishwasher that I would even consider buying was an LG for $1000. I was highly recommended by the salesman to buy a Bosch, he directed me to two models, one less expensive with changeable color panels. The other, more expensive yet humbly white one which only came in white had the marvelous feature of a rack on the top to individually place forks, knives and spoons. That plain white model was over $1500! I sighed and left and went home to read online reviews.

Bosch should pay me for this.  Maybe I should write them my rave, who knows what it could be worth?  Anyway, if I ever give up on real estate I am looking for a job in apppliance sales to support family and my writing habits.

I looked online for the humble but expensive white model with utensil rack in the Israeli internet site that is a Craigslist equivalent and found my humble model only 1 1/2 years old being offered for sale. I asked the owner why? She said she wanted a new kitchen and no ugly white plain dishwasher would suit her dream remodel.  I happily paid her the $400 she asked and husband and friend brought it home.

Everytime I open the machine door after it quietly scrubs and glorifies my dishes I am shocked at the sparkle, the clean…amazed.  A pot my husband inherited from his late grandmother which we got as newlyweds, my favorite saucepan, was received from her with a totally black bottom. After years of dishwashers, scrubbing etc. only the Bosch has amazingly removed the black and we know now it is a copper bottomed revereware from who knows when.

Again, thank you Bosch. All my guests hear my raves and marvel at sparkling, unspotted wine glasses with me ready to be lifted, Salut!

Grandma’s dishwashered now copper-bottom pot