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hummus with mushrooms and “garanim” (seeds) @ hummus ben sira

It always amazes me that hummus, which is essentially made up of 5 ingredients plus water can turn out so different in taste and texture. In Israel, as in the rest of the middle-east it is a dietary staple. Hummus and pita is the student diet equivalent of microwaveable ramen noodles or for eating out, hamburgers in the States.

I have never actually made hummus, I would rather leave that one to the professionals, just like I have never tried to make my own pasta…maybe someday. FYI the ingredients are cooked chick peas, tahini raw, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. Experiment with your blender!

Like every Israeli I had my favorite hummus spots for take out and sit-in dining. Yesterday I tried the locally famous Hummus Ben Sira on 3 Ben Sira St. A novel restaurant that was opened by young art students who abandoned potential arts careers to pursue the perfection of hummus and its accompaniments.

I have to say it now ranks as my 2nd favorite hummus in the city. It is open very late to accomodate the drunken late night revelers. A small bar where beer is cheap and patrons can sit at it and watch their hummus prepared with sauteed mushrooms (my favorite), or whole chickpeas, spiced ground beef, pine nuts, etc. A homey atmosphere where a chef  from a very upscale restaurant nearby came to get carryout for his fellow chefs…wish I had that photo, good endorsement.

Hummus servings are approx. 25 NIS and come with a dish of feeafel balls, fresh vegetables and a stack of pita.