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As I shared in ‘about me’, my mother was the beginning of my inspiration for learning to cook as I would sit on her kitchen counter and she would teach me the basics. I havent posted for a long time due to caring for my mother in a recent hospitalization and now her being in hospice care.  Its amazing how the things we enjoy as our hobbies and our work takes the side arena when the life of a dearest loved one is in the balance.

Because of this season I havent done much cooking but have visited a few Dallas area restaurants which I may post reviews of and insights to in future posts.

But for my own mental health during this time I thought I would share with you a simple food that tastes great and now is internationally known – Ramen. This doesnt mean the college student staple of microwaveable ramen in a styrofoam cup stuff, but a simple, quick recipe that doesnt have the msg or other preservative chemicals and flavoring.

300 ml. water

1 tsp. vegetarian soup powder from health food store (no MSG!)

2-3 tbsp. soy sauce

grated ginger

grated garlic

1 tbsp. sesame oil

square packet of ramen noodles

Place water in pot, add soy sauce, ginger, garlic, soup powder and sesame oil in pot.  Bring to boil until ingredients are well blended. Now in a seperate pot bring 3 cups of water to boil, add ramen noodles and cook a few minutes in salted boiling water until done.

Take broth and put in a deep soup bowl, now add a portion of ramen noodles. Dress your soup with toppings.  I have used onion, hard boiled egg, imitation crab meat and raw mushrooms.  Combinations of dressings are endless.  The traditional cured fish pink and white cookie, narutomaki, that is often pictured in ramen is not available here in Israel :-(. You can use leftover chicken, spring onions, whatever you think will add flavor and texture to your bowl of Ramen.

Try chopsticks and enjoy! Remember to slurp for an authentic Japanese Ramen experience!