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I was watching a local travel show and the two women featuring an Alpine ski weekend in Solden, Austria dined at a nearby restaurant with a locally acclaimed chef who stated, “Because we are close to the Italian border, our cuisine here has been influences by Italian flavors.” Watching the ingredients and a few brief shots of the chef preparing this dish I created my own.


1 large bunch of fresh basil
1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan reggiano cheese
1 lemon
1/4 cup pistaccio nuts
1/4 cup olive oil

Begin with preparing pesto sauce ahead of time in a food processor. Juice lemon andput all ingredients and blend. If too thick add more olive oil. You can store it in the fride for a few weeks if you don’t use all

Tomato Sauce:
1 clove garlic minced
100 gram tomato paste (or two large tbsp. American)
sprinkling of dried oregano and basil
2 tbsp. small capers

Fry minced garlic in olive olive, add herbs, add tomato paste and blend. Pour in 2/3 cup of water, bring to a simmer. When sauce is prepared add half capers.

2 large filets of Mediterranean sea bass, one side with skin
olive oil
leaf oregano

After sauces are prepared begin boiling linguini to be served al dente. While that is about 1/3 ready, melt two tablespoons of butter in a pan with olive oil. Add the two filets and pan fry until filets are browned on both sides and fish flesh white and tenderly flaky, not dry. When close to done add a few oregano leaves to season.

When linguini is al dente drain and reserve a little bit of pasta water, about 1/2 cup. back in the pan you prepared it in return linguini and add half or more of the pesto dpepending on how much pasta you made until pasta is covered and green. If it seems dry add some of the pasta water and combine. Place on serving platter.
Place filets over the bed of pasta and pour tomato-caper sauce over and decorate with other tbsp of capers and a few of the fresh oregano leaves.