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Chicken liver with drunken onions over potato mash

Chicken liver with drunken onions over potato mash

I’ve always loved liver. Organ meats, heart, kidneys, were all part of our family diet, I liked them so much I didnt realize they are the cheapest meat buys. My favorite restaurant has a recipe called “liver with drunken onions” and although I couldn’t possibly get the recipe for theirs, I like how mine turned out. This is best served on a bed of fresh mashed potatoes, like the classic liver and onions on mash. Except for the mashed potatoes which the labor intensive part is peeling, this dish takes about 18 minutes.


1 large tbsp. honey

2 shots whiskey

2-3 onions (about a cup and 1/2)

butter/olive oil

1 pound of chicken livers


Have mashed potatoes close to ready before beginning. I make mine with about 2 pounds of peeled ptoatoes, boiled.  When soft add salt, butter and pepper to taste, milk enough to soften but not soupy and blend.

Put slightly overflowing tblsp. of honey in 1 cup measure with 2 shots of whiskey, fill with hot water to reach one cup. Cut onions to strips and fry in butter with butter covering until golden brown.  Pour off butter and save, set onions aside. Dredge livers with flour and pour drained butter back into pan, add a little olive oil.  Quickly saute livers until just browned and still pink, overdone livers can be tough and grisly and you have just moments between done right and overdone. Add liquid whiskey and honey mix and onions, cook about two minutes until sauce is softly thickened, livers just slightly showing pink centers. Serve with cracked pepper over mashed potatoes.