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stand-up tiramisu

stand-up tiramisu

I have tried making a number of recipes for tiramisu, step by step from the so-called “Perfecting Tiramisu” recipe from Cook’s Illustrated Dec. 2007 (maybe that’s the key…’perfecting’…). I’ve tried other internet recipes as well as a few from epicurious. I received advise from a pastry chef whose recipe was exquisite, his secret was mascarpone was largest portion, I remembered that but lost the notes he gave me.
Some are cooked over a double boiler, some raw. Whatever I tried the result was always the same ‘tira-me-soup’. I tried putting it in individual cups so the run off wouldnt be so obvious, I even tried adding a bit of neutral gelatine hoping for a firmer result which turned into a solid wobble of laughable tiramisu jello.

Finally after looking through all the recipes under tiramisu in Epicurious and reading the reader’s tips and remembering the chef’s advice I tried and succeeded with their suggestions to make one that worked with a few additions for improvement after reading between the lines. After one chill hour in the freezer and five more in the fridge it stood up to be served on its own plate and was as good as the one we had in Padua, Italy.

1 250 gram container of Italian mascarpone (if you dont have a digital scale and you are a serious cook, buy one!)
1 cup of strong coffee (I use decaf)
1 tbsp of amaretto
3/4 cup sugar
3 eggs seperated
1/2 cup whipping cream
1 vanilla bean, insides scraped out
grated dark chocolate for decoration

In a mixer blend for 2 minutes the egg yolks, sugar and mascarpone. Add the vanilla bean insides that you scraped out.
Clean bowl and whip attachment thoroughly and whip egg whites until very firm and stiff. Fold the two previous mixtures together. Clean bowl and beater again and whip the whipped cream until stiff peaks form. Fold gently into mascapone mixture you just folded before.

In a seperate flat dish pour one cup of coffee and add amaretto tbsp. Take each lady finger and dip briefly on each side, moving quickly in seconds and dont let them get drenched, they should be somewhat dry in the middle. Place a row of the lady fingers on the bottom of a glass bowl, 8 inches, square or round since the ladyfingers will be pliable. Pour half the now readied mascarpone and egg mixture over the ladyfingers, repeat process with one more layer of lady fingers on top. Pour remaining half of mascarpone over top layer of ladyfingers. Decorate with grated dark chocolate. Put in freezer for one hour, chill in fridge for 5. Will serve at least 8 dinner guests.