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kumquat cocktail in the garden

kumquat cocktail in the garden

Nothing says summer like summer drinks, the garden, warm evening breezes. I’ve also had a potted plant balcony garden from where I stared at the view, looking up from a “beach read” book and listening to chill music as the sun takes its time to set. Even in a working summer without a vacation the sunlight and green growth can give vacation moments.

We have a few fruit trees in our garden that we didn’t plant, but enjoy their amazing fruit. We don’t spray, just prune and eat the fruit. So we are organic without really trying! I’m not a big fan of just eating kumquats but our kumquat tree produces a great ingredient for a summer drink.

Kumquat cocktail (for 1)

5 small kumquats (or three large) enough to fill the bottom of a whisky sour glass
no sugar, but if you want to sugar the rim for extra sweetness
11/2 oz. quality vodka
soda water (club soda)

muddle the kumquats with your muddler or pestle to release the juices and break down the fruit. Add vodka in your shaker and shake with ice. Pour into cocktail glass, add soda and stir with cocktail stirrer, decorate with mint leaves.