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endive, walnut, pomelo and blue cheese salad

endive, walnut, pomelo and blue cheese salad

In an effort to reduce my belly fat, I decided to munch on some raw endive rather than the cookies in the pantry and realized that on its own it was a combination of bitter and bland. Not even the satisfaction of a crunchy sweet carrot or tasty celery stick for close to the same calories. Endive on its own makes you feel like “this must be good for me because its a raw veggie”, but a raw lettuce leaf is better.

It’s somehow gained the status of a gourmet appetizer salad ingredient. It’s strong little boat-like shape makes it a ‘stand-up’ option for dipping sauces rather than chips without the loud crunch or flavor of radish, carrot or celery. It’s so low in calories, 4 calories for one whole small endive so its worry free. Endive also makes a great salad base to show off any topping, opposite or complimentary.

I created a quick endive salad with maple-candied walnuts, pomelo sections, crumbled blue cheese, dressed with lots of pepper and sea salt, splashed with a flavorful virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

For maple walnuts:
– simply dress one cup of walnut halves with 1/3 cup of maple sugar and a sprinkling of sea salt in a bowl and heat over a low fire in a small omelet pan until they lightly brown.