My name is Kati, a graduate in Journalism from University of Wisconsin, wife, mother, realtor, sometimes writer-editor, amateur chef, blogger. At the time of writing I live in Jerusalem, Israel where I’ve lived for 17 years.

I began this blog 4 years ago living in the states on return for a few years. The intent of that blog was sharing restaurant and regional food experiences while my husband and I were in the the Southwest. I’ve deleted its original and now begin with a newer, broader desire to share the good food adventure with anyone who wants to experiment with my recipes, adapted recipes, restaurant discoveries and broaden their palate and learn with me about wine, food, cheese and spices. My food philosophy is we’re going to eat something, it should be enjoyable.

When I was eight years old I became interested in cooking while watching my mother in the kitchen sitting on her kitchen counter. Always an avid reader, I read a story that featured “tea and crumpets”. As an American, a “crumpet” was an unheard of food so I sought through all my mother’s recipe books to find a recipe. Unsuccessful, I marched to our local library and withdrew an old blue book entitled “Foods of the World”. Rivaling the ambitions of Julie of the Julia Project, I tried to make nearly every recipe in that book, repeatedly withdrawing it.

My darling mother, who knew and taught me the basics of good cooking but was by no means a great cook, gratefully set me free from then on to reign in the kitchen leaving a mess only the Muppets Swedish chef could help create.

From then forward my fascination for exotic places became a passion for the food, flavors and cuisine from nearly everywhere. I became the chief member of the cooking staff in our home.

To Life! Warning:not kosher, but many adaptable recipes!


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